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Download Pc Remote Controller Full Apk

With the app available on your Android system, mobile users can turn their phones or tablets into a fully interactive and convenient remote controller device for their PCs or laptops. Make uses of the in-app features so you can freely control the Android devices on the go without the need of any excessive hardware or wired connection.

download pc remote controller full apk


All you need is to connect the two devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, then you can start enabling many unique and useful interactions between the devices. Use your Android devices as a remote controller for playing games on your PCs. Or use your touchscreen as interactive keyboards so you can freely type and command. Turn it into an interactive display of your PC screen and vice versa.

With PC Remote, Android users can choose to turn their Android devices into any type of remote controller for PCs and laptops. Feel free to use the app as fully interactive touch keyboards for your PCs with all the commands and shortcuts available. Enable the convenient touchpads with sensitive and control settings to completely replace your mouse.

Make uses of the convenient gamepad so you can simulate the real feeling with your physical controller on the touch device. And for those of you who are interested in playing games via emulators like CEMU and Dolphin, you can now make uses of the supported DSU protocol in PC Remote to turn your Android devices into fully-featured Nintendo Wii and WiiU controllers.

With plenty of unique and convenient features, together with great utility options, PC Remote will make a great remote controller app for your PCs and laptop. Feel free to use it to have full control over your PCs without having to sit behind the desk.

The ASTRO C40 TR Configuration Software is specifically designed for use with the ASTRO C40 TR Controller and enables full configuration of the controller's adjustable settings. The software will not detect any other ASTRO Gaming products, and the C40 TR Controller is not compatible with the ASTRO Command Center.

  • With InfiniMote, you can control the same computer from multiple phones simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for multi-player online games. The list of customizable controllers include buttons, touchpads, movement sensors, mouse and keys, joysticks, etc. Of course, it also lets you open programs and links from your Windows PC on your Android phone. You can also use your phone to write on your PC and map the physical buttons on your mobile device to control your computer.Supported Platforms: Android (client); Windows (server)

  • Download: (Android, Server)

6. Remote LinkRemote Link comes from Taiwanese tech firm Asus but is compatible with third-party devices as well. The app turns your Android phone or tablet into a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth remote control for your Windows PC. It lets you use your smartphone as a touchpad remote, a keyboard remote, a presentation remote, a media remote, and more. While the touchpad remote turns your Android device into a wireless touchpad for your PC, the media remote lets you control the media player on your PC remotely.The Remote Link app also lets you control some aspects of your PC using Android Wear smartwatches, like the Asus ZenWatch. You can use voice commands to launch apps on supported Android Wear devices. You can swipe up or down to scroll through your presentation slides on your smartwatch. It is intuitive, feature-filled, and customizable, thus, making it a great choice to control your Windows PC from your Android smartphone.

Usually installation is not required: you can download and start Anyplace Control in case of for one-time remote access session. Alternatively can install any module as a service for permanent use. Installed software will start with Windows automatically that is vital for accessing unattended server or a terminal. 350c69d7ab


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